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CORE Philosophy

Our elegant, yet powerful view of market equilibrium has profound investment implications. Learn more.

CORE Strategies

Our extensive diversification achieves attractive balances between risk tolerance and desired rate of return. Learn more.


Learn the financial science behind the Dimensional Fund Advisors approach with our videos and podcasts. Learn more.

"The CORE Of Your Practice Is Building Relationships,
The CORE Of Your Portfolio Should Be DFA."

- K. Whitney Brown, CORE Capital Markets

A Better Investing Model

CORE takes a different approach to investing, one based on the science of capital markets rather than conventional speculation.

We are passionate and more focused than other managers. We engage with our advisors and their challenges, helping them build their businesses in ways other competitors don't.

Our Advisors feel assured they can access our experts making the calls on the portfolios and get real, actionable answers to their concerns. Learn more.

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